Logo Design

A glogo design Londonood logo needs to express your company’s identity in a clear and direct way. It must be instantly recognisable and is a key element in the establishment of a strong visual identity and the promotion of your brand. The best logos represent a company’s ethos in an instant: just look at the brash edginess of the MTV logo or the playful youthfulness of the Innocent brand. A well-crafted logo must be attractive and unique - and is a true measure of a graphic designer’s skill. It also needs to be legible at any size and ideally work in colour as well as black & white.

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A short history of logos:

The word logo is a shortened version of the term ‘logotype’ and comes from the Greek word ‘logos’ meaning word. Originally many logos were simply the name of the company in a distinctive typeface and attractive colour - and that remains true of many examples today such as Coca-Cola and Virgin. However, the use of an identifying symbol combined with the company name to create a logo also has a long history. The first trademark to be registered in the UK was the red triangle device of Bass beer in 1876 although the company began beer production back in 1777. Coincidentally, one of the most successful designers of logos in the 20th century was an American called Saul Bass whose credits include Bell, AT&T and United Airlines. I wonder if he liked beer?
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